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Current trends about the Business Center Industry.

New Generation does not believe in a closed office box environment. They are looking for a comfortable environment. Where they can approach their subordinates, which has given rise to a Coworking space environment.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a professional workspace which involves a shared office area and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those who use coworking facilities are usually not employed by the same organization. They run their own companies. Since its an open mindset culture you are more likely to meet people from a different or similar industry. This can help as an accelerator to new startups.

Do Coworking Space Work?

Coworking Space does work for those who are comfortable with an open cultural environment. Companies who have to work on intellectual products might prefer something that offers more privacy.

What are the benefits of Coworking?

Especially for Startups who have an idea of creating something and are challenged with technical, financial and management guidance. It will be the right place to meet and choose people who can add to their required expertise and partner with them. When you look at Tech Startups they are majorly relying on idea development. If you have a social eco-system that can you guide you towards developing and testing the idea then definitely there is no doubt it is beneficiary for an organization.

Which Coworking space will suit my needs?

It all depends upon what exactly is your requirement. There are a lot of coworking spaces providing companies available in Dubai. They have created their social eco-system targeting their area of interest industry. You will have to first choose your industry and based on that you can start from there.

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Business Center in Dubai

What is the meaning of business centre?

Business Center in U.A.E. means a place that offers furnished and technically supported offices in a professional business environment. Services included are a reception, telephone answering and mail, internet access, meeting rooms, secretarial services, airlines booking, hotel reservation, it also provides document processing and clearing for the businessmen located in the centre.

Business Center

 How Long a Business is allowed to stay in a Business Center Environment?

The Office Occupancy in the centre should not exceed four years after that they should be able to lease/purchase a separate a commercial property for the business.

Business Center

What is the office space standards and guidelines in a Business Center?

It should neat, clean and offer the services as per the Dubai Economy Department Guidelines. The office space should be a minimum of 200 Sqft / 20 sq meters.

What is the of having an office space for rent in Dubai Sheikh Zayed road?

Price of renting an office space in Sheikh Zayed Road inside a Business Center can range from 5,000 AED to 12,000 AED per month. It all depends upon the location, facilities and services offered to you.