Office for rent in Dubai

Which is the best option for me when I need an office for rent in Dubai?

Independent Office Space in Dubai

Commercial Office Building
Commercial Office Building

Commercial office building might be an ideal solution for a company who is well established. The company should have the initial capital to buy the commercial space or should be in a financial position to safely allocate 2 rental amount before leasing the space. As you will start leasing the office, you will understand that you will be given a grace period to do the fit-out of the interior of the office within a certain timeline. Your grace period for the interior fit-out completely depends on your landlord. It varies anywhere between 1 to 5 months or even more. It also depends on how big is the area you are renting. We suggest if you are looking to build your office as per your requirement and have a specific requirement then this is the best option. If you are looking for a plug and play office space solution then you should look at the other options mentioned below.

Business Center – Serviced Office

Business Center
Business Center – Serviced Office

Business Center – Serviced Office is the best solution for new companies who are looking for a plug and play solution. You do not have to be bothered by getting the office interior fit-out, how to get the electricity activated for your office. Even how to activate the internet for your new office. It’s so easy to get your office in the Business Center. It’s like buying ice-cream for your kids. There are so many business centres in Dubai offering a range of solution depending upon your budget and location preferences. All you have to do find the right solution which meets all your requirements. We recommend this to companies who are looking start new operations or foreign companies who are looking to test the market in Dubai.

Coworking Space in Dubai

Coworking Space in Dubai
Coworking Space in Dubai

Coworking is for the Millennials. It’s for young tech teams who are looking for open desk solutions. We will recommend this to Tech companies or companies who are comfortable in working in a shared office environment.

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Istedama for Dubai License

Istedama Contract to Issue / Renew Dubai Mainland License – 300 AED/Month

Hurry Limited Space

istedama pacakge

Istedama Office with Flexi Desk – 900 AED/Month

istedama pacakge

Istedama Office with Workstation- 999 AED/Month

istedama pacakge


Information Center If you are looking for office space in Dubai, you have a lot of options available in the market. Your new office space in Dubai completely depends upon your business requirement. To understand which office suites your requirement you can read below on the options that you should ideally go for.

Office space for a Dubai Mainland Company.

You will need an Ejari with the Tenancy Contract.

What is Ejari?

As per RERA as of 14th March 2010, each tenant and property-owner must get their leasing and lease contracts recorded through EJARI. Ejari is an electronic record-keeping method accessible through the web, which is solely designed to execute the legal requirements as well as the vision and the mission of establishing a strong regulatory system to control the rental market in the United Arab Emirate. This regulatory system is established to protect the rights of everyone involved in rental deals.

Whether it is for the issuance of a new Dubai mainland license or renewal of the license. you will need to attach with your initial approval an Ejari copy addressed in your company name. Once you attach the valid Ejari to your trade license new / renewal application then only you will be able to get the final payment voucher for your license.


Whether you are looking for Ejari, Istedhama, Serviced Office, Co-Working Space or Virtual Office. We can assist you with the same as we offer all the service related to the issuance or renewal of your trade license.

Serviced Offices in Dubai

You can enjoy working in one of the most reputed office areas in the financial district of Dubai. This will surely work as an advantage for the status of your business. Enjoy the heavenly Dubai skyline with a stress-free ambience with your employees at our serviced office space, which comes with flexible rent, and lease arrangements.
We have excellent meeting rooms with all the facilities such as high-speed internet so that you can conduct your conferences and meetings without any hassles.

Ejari / Istedama

As the focus is on business sustainability. Dubai mainland companies can you renew their license with even Istedhama. The cost of Istedama is much affordable and cost-effective when compared to getting and leasing a serviced or traditional office.

Office space for Freezone Company in U.A.E.

Offices spaces required by Freezone companies are offered within the free zone vicinity. Every Freezone has its designated area and company owners who need offices, warehouses are allowed to lease within that area.

Office space for Offshore Company in U.A.E.

Business Packages and Virtual Offices are offered by many business centres within the UAE. So that an offshore company can use their addresses as a
communication address.

For mainland there options offered by Business Center where the model is as easy as plug an play. You can get your tenancy along with Ejari with a ready to move in a serviced office.

Business Center Industry

Current trends about the Business Center Industry.

New Generation does not believe in a closed office box environment. They are looking for a comfortable environment. Where they can approach their subordinates, which has given rise to a Coworking space environment.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a professional workspace which involves a shared office area and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those who use coworking facilities are usually not employed by the same organization. They run their own companies. Since its an open mindset culture you are more likely to meet people from a different or similar industry. This can help as an accelerator to new startups.

Do Coworking Space Work?

Coworking Space does work for those who are comfortable with an open cultural environment. Companies who have to work on intellectual products might prefer something that offers more privacy.

What are the benefits of Coworking?

Especially for Startups who have an idea of creating something and are challenged with technical, financial and management guidance. It will be the right place to meet and choose people who can add to their required expertise and partner with them. When you look at Tech Startups they are majorly relying on idea development. If you have a social eco-system that can you guide you towards developing and testing the idea then definitely there is no doubt it is beneficiary for an organization.

Which Coworking space will suit my needs?

It all depends upon what exactly is your requirement. There are a lot of coworking spaces providing companies available in Dubai. They have created their social eco-system targeting their area of interest industry. You will have to first choose your industry and based on that you can start from there.

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